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Here we present pointers to other related reading material, interesting links, etc. Feel free to suggest further additions by writing to us!

Supplementary Text for the Book

  • SOS Meta-theory: A Very Short Introduction. This note discusses some possible generalizations of the congruence theorem for bisimilarity over CCS presented in Theorem 3.2, pages 46-49 of the book. It uses this topic to offer a very short introduction to the meta-theory of structural operational semantics.

Papers in Concurrency Theory

  • On the Origins of Bisimulation, Coinduction, and Fixed Points by Davide Sangiorgi. Technical Report 2007-24, Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna. This paper, which we warmly recommend, is a wonderful exposition on the origins of bisimulation and bisimilarity. It examines the role played by these notions in the three fields where they have been independently discovered: Computer Science, Modal Logic and Set Theory.
  • What is this theory good for? This page offers a collection of links to resources motivating the study of the theory presented in the textbook.

Papers and Notes on Lattices and Fixed-point Theory

  • Ordered Sets by Tero Harju. These are excellent lecture notes covering a substantial amount of material on ordered sets. We recommend them to the mathematically-oriented readers who would like to know more about the mathematics of such structures.

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